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Pukka Herbs

Pukka Tea - Relax


This Relax tea features a traditionally soothing blend of Chamomile Flower, Fennel Seed and Marshmallow Root that should leave you feeling calmer and more relaxed.

With its unique blend of delicious and calming herbs, this tea is the ideal way to end the day. As with all the Pukka tea products, this Relax tea is ethically sourced and made from 100% organically grown ingredients! Naturally caffeine free, this tea is perfect to drink at night to help you unwind after a long, busy day.

Ingredients: Naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients: Chamomile flower (18%), licorice root, sweet fennel seed (12%), bitter fennel seed (12%), oat flowering tops, cardamom pod, ginger root, marshmallow root (10%).